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In 2016 the Carrefour Napoleon campaign was a success, but in 2017 we decided to modify the creative format to better support sales in a key commercial periods and support the additional benefit of the brand - a diverse products selection that will encourage consumers to visit hypermarkets, which constitute a majority of Carrefour's shares. Modification of the format - focusing on products and showing their diversity - enabled us to achieve both business objectives, positive dynamics of the entire category of hypermarkets, and additionally strengthened Carrefour's image.

Brand: Carrefour
Client: Carrefour Polska
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi IS

Freshness Gang is back

Repeat of the success from 2016 seemed nearly impossible. Meanwhile goals were set to give out 40% more mascots than in previous year! In response we decided to encourage families not only to collect the mascots but to actively play with them. The effect? Most-watched branded content in the history of Polish internet! Engagement converted into activations of Moja Biedronka loyalty cards and rise in sales.

Brand: Biedronka
Client: Jeronimo Martins Polska
Agency: Wavemaker

How to grab Black Friday?

Can you win the battle for "Black Friday" ("BF"), when almost all brands, almost all categories, with the same messages and huge media investments, participate in this "battle" at the same time? Probably not! That's why M.Video was done differently - instead of promoting "Black Friday" in November, when everyone does it, we promoted it several times during the year as part of our traditional sales. In the end, when the real "BF" came in November, consumers, seeing the advertisement "BF" from other brands, habitually associated it with M.Video, and eventually came to buy it to us.

Brand: M.Video
Client: Management LLC
Agency: Instinct

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