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Agu-Mom's Choice

Major challenge for us as well as of the whole category became the growth of mothers' trust to commercial baby food. By engaging famous mothers into the project, we launched large-scale educational campaign in all key communication platforms which are used by moms. Our project got 2 million views only in bloggers’ social medias! All these provided the growth in category perception of 16 pp and growth of image-building attributes of the brand up to 8 pp compared to 2017. Thus, the parents-celebrities could provide strong arguments to Ukrainian moms about safety and benefits of commercial baby food.

Brand: Agusha
Client: PepsiCo
Agency: COXO

Small steps to big changes

How do you significantly grow the business and attract a younger Camry audience (which has different values and doesn't want to associate with older Camry owners), while, at the same time, not losing loyal customers? Ambitious goal: 50% growth over 2017, with an expected D/E segment growth of 10%. We decided to combine two growth strategies into one: simultaneously sell to two different audiences while selling each of the exact car they need. In order not to scare away the "native" Camry audience and secure the business, we decided to start th campaign with them. We used the first flight to tell these conservatives about the technological coolness of the new model, and of course, we showed it in the “best” possible automobile color — black. After dealing with retention, we moved to conquest. And in one motion we turned a business class car into a sports sedan. For target audience #2, we prepared a color in advance, ordered them and put them into salons. This had the potential to forever scare away the conservative target audience #1. The cars were red, and we emphasized the design, which would not allow the owner of a pepper-red car to go unnoticed. As a result of the campaign, Toyota Camry sales growth was 74.1% (our goal was 50%) for the month of August with the D/E segment growing by 11%.

Brand: Toyota Camry
Client: Toyota-Ukraine
Agency: BBDO Ukraine

CarMax 101

Making its bones 25 years ago by changing the way America buys and sells pre-owned vehicles, CarMax was now defending against not only traditional dealerships but a new breed of digital disruptors that spurn human interaction in favor of online-only efficiency. We showed people that in this new world, only CarMax was steadfastly focused on the all-too-rare quality that matters more than any shiny object—integrity. By doubling down on CarMax’s core equity, we shifted perceptions of what a used car buying experience should be. 

Brand: CarMax
Client: CarMax
Agency: McKinney

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