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Reward Points for Charity

Giving out reward points is commonly used as an incentive in Taiwanese retail industry. Customers are usually motivated by accumulating points in return for rewards, therefore increases brand’s customer retention rate and sales. However, 50% of FamilyMart members do not collect or redeem those points, who we view as "zombie members." By launching the "Reward Points for Charity" event, FamilyMart became the first retail enterprise ever to donate members' digital points for public welfare purposes. It has successfully revived those "zombie members," giving them a brand-new purpose to collect points. It has also driven 40% of members to participate in this event for the first time, leading FamilyMart’s sales to hit a new high this year.

Brand: FamilyMart
Client: FamilyMart
Agency: Ogilvy Taiwan

" How Fancy A Cup Of Coffe Can Be"—— New Retail Gives Birth To The Coffee For All

luckin coffee, a coffee brand built with innovative new retail model, takes the blind spot of traditional coffee mainly in "physical space" with "Any Moment " based on the thinking of mobile Internet marketing. It emphasizes originality and recognition of the brand. Tapping incremental markets through social fission; Precise delivery covers the life circle (brand + result), and also drives traffic by crossing borders (such as opening Pop-up store with QQ and sponsoring Beijing International Film Festival). During the six months of trial operation, the stores have been distributed in 13 cities, 500+ stores, 1.3 + million users, with an average of 3 million orders per month, far exceeding the expected KPI by 250%。

Brand: luckin coffee
Client: luckincoffee
Agency: WE Marketing Group

The Unexpected Gift

Client: Amazon Seller Services Pvt. Ltd.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Group, India

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2019_us_2019_e-3649-295_hero_1 Whole Foods Market Whatever Makes You Whole campaign
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