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How Aldi won Christmas with the help of a humble carrot

Despite having a winning formula as a deep-discounter supermarket Aldi still had an issue at Christmas. Its core shoppers spent disproportionately more than average on making their Christmas special, but they didn’t spend it all with Aldi, trading up-and-out into other retailers. By creating and sticking with Kevin the Carrot over Christmas 2016-2017, Aldi stayed more top-of-mind for its shoppers, built an emotional connection with the brand and showcased its range. Aldi reduced its Christmas dip in market share and became the fastest growing supermarket of Christmas 2016 and 2017.

Brand: Aldi UK
Client: Aldi Stores
Agency: McCann Manchester

Buster the Boxer: John Lewis' most effective Christmas ever

The Christmas period generates 40% of John Lewis annual profit, so success at Christmas is crucial for the business. In 2016, in a dire retail climate and against fierce competition, our Christmas campaign became John Lewis' most effective and profitable ever. It became our most watched, liked and shared Christmas advert of all time, and delivered real commercial value to the business, paying for itself ten times over with an ROI of £11. 

Brand: John Lewis
Client: John Lewis
Agency: adam&eveDDB

Kitchen lifeprooved

Purchasing kitchen means lots of money and visits in stores. Home furnishing branch tries to attract kitchen buyers with discounts and since 2017 also with emotional, image campaigns, which used to be IKEA's domain. We needed improved communication emphasizing IKEA's kitchen advantage – durability validated by 25 years warranty. We pictured durability in IKEA's way: ‘durability is being proven by amount and quality of events’. We’ve presented life examples of resilience to ‘tortures’, followed by the RTB of 25 years warranty. Perceived quality of IKEA improved significantly causing rocketing sales.

Brand: IKEA
Client: IKEA
Agency: Wavemaker

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