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Discount grocery is a commoditized battleground, and stores like No Frills carry an unfair perception. The challenge was how do you de-stigmatize shopping at No Frills to attract more value seekers? Instead of rebranding the store, we decided to rebranded the customers, and give them permission to celebrate their frugality. At other grocery stores shoppers shop. At No Frills, HAULERS HAUL. The integrated and untraditional HAULERS campaign struck a nerve, exceeding all KPIs including sales growth, at a time when the category was down.

Brand: No Frills - #HAULERS
Client: Loblaw Companies Ltd.
Agency: john st.

Change of communication approach while promoting devices

The aims were to change MTS’ communication approach in the “device” segment and reach sales growth. We managed to reach the following results: - Growth of smartphone sales in 2018 was by 36% (with 20% planned and 18% market growth)- Growth of «likability» by 6% above the market- Growth of «motivation» by 4% above the market- Growth of brand’s likability by 10% above the market

Brand: MTS
Client: MTS PJSC
Agency: BBDO Moscow

The More the Merrier: ALDI's Christmas invite that opened up Aussie hearts, minds and wallets

ALDI knows how to make miracles happen at Christmas, transforming what should be our most vulnerable time of year as a discount supermarket into the most successful period for the business each year. This is the story of how we unlocked new momentum and cultural resonance by celebrating Aussie generosity at Christmas, despite being up against unforeseen market forces in the lead up to Christmas. The campaign was ALDI’s most effective Christmas campaign to date.

Brand: Aldi Australia
Client: Aldi
Agency: BMF

2019_au_2019_040_hero_1 Target Discover Winterful; Target comes out of hibernation
2019_do_2019_e-31-142_hero_1 La Curacao El Día + Corto
2019_ca_2019_e-209-489_hero_1 Sobeys Inc. Get More Summer

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