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How one word changed EOFYTHING

The EOFY period is a huge retail event, yet those who have the most to gain from EOFY shopping (business owners) were not maximising the opportunity presented to them.
Officeworks took on the challenge of getting more business owners to reap the rewards of tax time, knowing that, as a non-discounter, they couldn’t compete with the shouty promotional deals that dominated the period. They instead reframed the EOFY opportunity in a way that left no doubt about the benefit of shopping at Officeworks.

Brand: Officeworks
Client: Officeworks
Agency: AJF GrowthOps was AJF Partnership

Attracting Modern Hosts to A Classic Holiday Brand

A Honey Baked Ham on the center of the table is a beloved holiday tradition. But this traditional image lacked relevance with modern hosts, who still want to serve an amazing holiday meal, but without the pressure that often comes with achieving perfection. With a Honey Baked Ham, they get perfect results, effortlessly. We captured this sentiment in the brand’s first TV spot in 10 years and supported it across channels, creating relevance with younger consumers and driving a substantial increase in holiday sales.

Brand: The Honey Baked Ham Company
Client: The Honey Baked Ham Company
Agency: BBDO Atlanta

A La Miércoles El Iva

En un país donde el sueldo mínimo mensual es de $828.116, pagar un 19% extra por cada producto de mercado es insostenible para millones de familias.  Por eso, cuando los colombianos convocaron a un paro nacional el miércoles 28 de noviembre de 2018 como protesta al proyecto que establecía la ampliación del IVA a los productos de la canasta familiar decidimos unirnos a ellos he inmortalizar ese día con nuestros Miércoles sin IVA. 

Brand: Almacenes Éxito
Client: Almacenes Exito

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