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Kevin The Carrot - Making Christmas Amazing

At Christmas Aldi’s greatest strength becomes its greatest weakness. Its association with the everyday means shoppers trade up and out of Aldi in search of more festive treats and indulgences. This is the story of how Aldi took the inherent paradox of Christmas, an ordinary day that becomes an amazing one, and turned it to their advantage with the aid of a humble carrot. In the process they became the fastest growing retailer with over 1.3 million new people shopping with Aldi over Christmas 2016.

Brand: Aldi
Client: Aldi Stores UK & Ireland
Agency: McCann Manchester

Stratégie de reconquête 2017

Brand: Monoprix
Client: Monoprix

SSG Campaign

Brand: SSG.COM
Client: SSG.COM
Agency: HS Ad

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