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Mission Accomplished

The New York suburban police were called in to clear out the traffic jams created by Kohl's grand openings across the Tri-State; putting to rest Kohl's concerns about competing in New York's frenetic retail environment. Kohl's campaign, used effectively to open other markets, was adapted successfully for New York to connect with a very different customer. The campaign delivered against aggressive business objectives, such as a 300% reduction in store maturity.

Brand: Kohl's Department Stores
Client: Kohl's Department Stores
Agency: JWT

A Very Healthy Way To Shop was battling world-class brands and VC-backed upstarts for leadership in the online drugstore category. Barely up and running, we held no real competitive advantages, were expected to be outspent by our top competitors, and had a consumer base that didn't understand what we did. But we realized that connecting with wired, "with it" women could be the key to our success. Our challenge was to dramatically increase brand awareness, position as a convenient place to buy drugstore stuff, and drive traffic to the site.

Agency: Fallon

Horizons Dream

The "Horizons" spot for Ethan Allen successfully invigorated Ethan Allen's lower priced segment with advertising that signaled a dramatic departure from the country styling that had come before. "Horizons" quickly established Ethan Allen as a style leader.

Brand: Ethan Allen
Client: Ethan Allen, Inc.
Agency: Grey Worldwide

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2019_do_2019_e-31-142_hero_1 La Curacao El Día + Corto
2019_ca_2019_e-209-489_hero_1 Sobeys Inc. Get More Summer

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