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EverStart Campaign

In 1999, only five years after its introduction, Wal-Mart's EverStart battery surpassed DieHard to become the number-one-selling car battery at retail.

Brand: Walmart
Client: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Agency: GSD&M

Gateway Country Stores

Gateway's direct model did not fit all consumers - over 30% were unwilling to purchase a computer over the phone. In order to reach these consumers, Gateway Country retail stores were launched in 1997, and helped make Gateway the #1 seller of consumer PC's. There was a high level of consumer dissatisfaction with competitive retail mega - stores, and Gateway Country was able to differentiate itself by creating a whole new way to shop for a PC. Buyers walk in, try out systems that are up and running, speak to knowledgeable salespeople and order a custom-built computer.

Brand: Gateway Country Stores
Client: Gateway Country Stores
Agency: McCann-Erickson


To build fast awareness and trial, Caribou Coffee focused on branding their unique and appealing experience vs. the marketing dominator, Starbucks. Customers grabbed at the option fast and furious, growing traffic 25% during advertising periods and exceeding sales objectives by over 100%.

Brand: Caribou Coffee
Client: Caribou Coffee Company
Agency: Carmichael Lynch

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