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The overall goal was to increase business progress by establishing Jenny Craig as the name to turn to for weight loss. The series of light-hearted commercials connected with consumers on a very emotional level, showing times when you just can't take it anymore and finally commit to losing weight.

Brand: Jenny Craig
Client: Jenny Craig
Agency: Suissa Miller Advertising


Super Shockers was a campaign developed for Super Kmart Center to increase awareness and drive traffic and sales by turning "loss leaders" into an identifiable asset that only Super Kmart Center could own. We called them Super Shockers because they had prices so low they would "shock" you on things you use every day. And Super Kmart would feature a different Super Shocker every day. Our competitors were caught off guard each day not knowing what offer we were going to Super Shock them, and our customers with.

Brand: Super Kmart Center
Client: Kmart Corporation
Agency: Ross Roy Communications

The New Thinking in Banking

Franklin Bank Radio Campaign Business Checking Account Franklin Bank, an independently-owned commercial bank in Metro Detroit, wanted to capture a strong percentage of the area's considerable small-business commercial checking account market. Franklin's goal was to increase their business checking account deposits to a minimum of 18 percent of their total deposit portfolio. Franklin poured all of their media advertising dollars into radio only, creating ads that use humor to illustrate a typical small businessperson's frustrations in dealing with enormous banks. Listeners flocked in droves to Franklin Bank and after the first year, Franklin's business checking account balances are up to 15.2 percent of their total portfolio, well on their way to achieving their overall goal.

Brand: Franklin Bank
Client: Franklin Bank, N.A.
Agency: Solomon Friedman Advertising

2019_co_2019_e-415-022_hero_1 LIFEMILES MASTERS Lifemiles Masters Retail
2019_us_2019_e-3642-082_hero_1 Phillips 66 From Commodity to Positive Brand Choice
2019_us_2019_e-3649-295_hero_1 Whole Foods Market Whatever Makes You Whole campaign

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