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In a competitive category where everyone looks the same, decided to set itself apart and create an enduring brand. By focusing on the exploration of travel expertise of the team that runs Travelocity, the brand has successfully captured the category high ground through advertising and site design. this has paid dividends in not only awareness and brand imagery, but in revenue increases as well.

Brand: Travelocity
Agency: The Richards Group

Mervyn's Starts With Me

The Campaign positioned the retailer as a Brand that truly understood what moms need. Creatively, the advertising did two things. First, it dramatized to the target that we offered just what they were looking for: big brands at small prices. Second, it underscored our customer obsession, and linked the Brand with the customer, with the tagline: "Mervyn's Starts With ME."

Brand: Mervyn's
Client: Mervyn's
Agency: Suissa Miller Advertising

Real Kids

After nearly two decades as the dominant retailer of surf and skate inspired clothing, PacSun found itself losing market share to general apparel retailers who now were providing much of the same products. In order to regain their leadership position, the company needed to establish its own brand identity and come out from behind the host of popular brands it carried. With the "Real Kids" campaign, PacSun went into TV for the first time as an exclusive sponsor of ESPN's X-Games along with additional presence in other music and fashion media. PacSun experienced tremendous sales success and was able to distance themselves, image-wise, from the general apparel retailers that were treading into their territory.

Brand: Pacific Sunwear of California (PacSun)
Client: Pacific Sunwear of California (PacSun)
Agency: Bates USA West

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