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Holiday '97 Campaign

The holidays are just the holidays, right? Not according to the core and potential customers of The Honey Baked Ham Company of Georgia. In-depth research uncovered some fascinating dynamics about Thanksgiving and Christmas and played a critical role in the development of the creative strategies for the 1997 Holiday Campaign.

Brand: The HoneyBaked Ham
Client: The HoneyBaked Ham Company
Agency: Austin Kelley Advertising

Live Well

In an increasingly competitive environment, GNC successfully defended its leadership in the nutritional supplement category against the encroaching retail giants. The brand grew faster than the category, beat its established sales goals and ultimately gained share of mainstream consumers at the expense of mass merchandisers and chain drug stores. It did so by aggressively advertising and marketing its understanding of wellness and its quality products via its "live Well" campaign.

Brand: General Nutrition Centers (GNC)
Client: General Nutrition Centers (GNC)
Agency: Deutsch Inc.

Take Charge of Education Program

Target wanted to develop a point of differentiation for its proprietary credit card. They designed a program with a unique fundraising mechanism tied to credit card purchases which helped parents and educators support their schools. Communications for this program incorporated a lighthearted look at the slightly aggravating activity of "giving at the door". A star was born in the person of the program "icon", little Alan Morgan.

Brand: Target
Client: Target Stores
Agency: Martin Williams

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