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Cookie Man

Today, SnackWell's is the top selling brand in the Cookie/Cracker category. SnackWell's was created to help Nabisco capitalize on the trend in healthy snacking, and put it at the forefront of great tasting healthy cookies and crackers. When SnackWell's was launched, there was significant consumer skepticism about the ability of a low fat/fat free snack product to deliver great taste. It was viewed as the primary challenge of the advertising to help overcome this skepticism sufficiently to encourage trial. The "Cookie Man" campaign has not only encouraged trial of SnackWell's "indulgent" or "core" products, but has stimulated successes of several new product introductions beyond fat free "chocolate" products (e.g.: SnackWell's Vanilla Sandwich Cookie surpassed full-fat category leader, Sunshine Vienna Fingers in 1993).

Brand: Nabisco Snackwell's
Client: Nabisco Foods Company
Agency: FCB/Leber Katz Partners

Exclamation 1994

In 1994, the "Exclamation" campaign pool-outs needed to continue franchise sales, awareness and penetration gains by supporting Original Chips Ahoy! and introducing Chunky Chips Ahoy! line extension. The pool-outs of the "Exclamation" campaign proved effective on all counts, significantly growing franchise sales, advancing Chips Ahoy!'s leadership position in the Chocolate Chip Cookie segment and producing significant increases in brand/advertising awareness and franchise penetration. Furthermore, the "Exclamation" campaign successfully launched the Chunky Chips Ahoy! line extension, which dramatically exceeded its launch goals despite growing pressure from premium quality Private Label Brands.

Brand: Nabisco Chips Ahoy!
Client: Nabisco Foods Company
Agency: FCB/Leber Katz Partners

PowerBook Introduction

Brand: Apple
Client: Apple Inc.
Agency: BBDO Los Angeles

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