TVs, radios, mobile devices, home entertainment, laptops, tablets, cameras, computer hardware, game consoles, drones, external or integrated VR/AR devices, sound systems, etc. Electronic devices may be aimed at consumers or businesses.



Device Wars

"Device Wars" announces the Duracell brand's long-life superiority over Energizer batteries by dramatizing a battle between two teams of battery-powered devices. Duracell's overwhelming win proves that the debate is over: Duracell lasts longer.

Brand: Duracell
Client: Duracell USA
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
Language: English

Shock Waves

After five years of record growth, aftermarket car electronics sales have fallen due to: flat CD headunit sales, premium-quality stereo offerings from auto manufactures, and a dwindling core audience (18-24 males) population. In response to these changes, many competitors are abandoning the core audience by broadening their message in hopes of re-gaining lost revenues Pioneer, aware that the core audience still accounts for the lion's share of after market car audio sales, set their sites on "owning" the 18-24 YO male target. The "Shock Waves" Campaign helped Pioneer to meet this objective, and capture leadership positions in the two key CD headunit and speaker product categories.

Brand: Pioneer
Client: Pioneer Electronics USA, Inc.
Agency: BBDO Los Angeles
Language: English

Out With The Old Cam. In With The Sharp Viewcam

The Sharp Viewcam has expanded its role of being the most successfull product introductions in the consumer electronics category. The "Out With The Cam In With The Sharp Viewcam" advertising campaign was a part of a synergie marketing communications program that led the Sharp Viewcam to incredible sales and donimance in ths LCD viewscreen camcorder market.

Brand: Sharp Viewcam
Client: Sharp Electronics Corporation
Agency: Griffin Bacal Inc.
Language: English

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