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K-12 Discovery Campaign

Apple's 1996 campaign to the Kindergaten-through-12th grade education market centered around the idea that Apple is an educator's partner in helping students learn. In this market, Apple has always been more than a company that just sells computers, and in spite of competitive inroads threatning this position, Apple was able to secure its dominance. This campaign helped Apple grow its installed base of computers as well as sales, and helped contribute to Apple's overall strength by the end of the fiscal year. This occured inspite of some questions about Apple's overall viability as a company, which shows the power of this message to the market.

Brand: Apple Macintosh
Client: Apple Inc.
Agency: BBDO West

The Future Is About Education

Texas Instrument was facing a 35% decline on average since 1993 in the high school instructioal calculator category due to: a strong contingent of parents/teachers who were opposed to calculator usage; aggressive marketing efforts by IBM and Apple to sell computers to schools; and government mandate to equip schools with computers/Internet access. The challenge for TI was to overcome the perception that calculators were a secondary learning tool, and to set the stage for a long-term expansion of the instructional market. The Future Is About Education campaign positioned TI as being at the forefront of mathematics and science instruction. The results met TI's goals of increasing its market share by over 12% despite the category slowdown, and set the stage for future growth as evidence by increased penetration in high science and middle school mathematics.

Brand: Texas Instruments
Client: Texas Instruments, Inc. (Personal Productivity Products)
Agency: McCann-Erickson Houston

Start Doing Extraordinary Things

Texas Instruments has suffered in teh past from its reputation as calculator manufacturer, not as a manufacturer of high technology products like notebook computers; and for its perceived engineering versus marketing orientation. Despite this reputation, and stiff competition from Toshiba, IBM and Compaq, with historical spending levels as much as five times TI's, a significant installed base in corporate America, and a combined market share in excess of 40%, TI has catapulted itself into the "first tier" of notebook manufacturers through the implementation of the "Start Doing Extraordinary Things" communications program. In the span of one year, TI has seen a 226% increase in market share, and a movement in rank from number 8 to number 3 in notebook unit sales (displacing Compaq from the top 3).

Brand: TravelMate and Extensa
Client: Texas Instruments, Inc. (Personal Productivity Products)
Agency: McCann-Erickson Houston

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