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The digital camera market, which has had explosive growth, is transitioning into a mainstream category. Canon is one of the top three brands. Even with Canon's relatively strong brand position, there is very little brand differentiation between brands. Canon recognizes that as the market matures, brand differentiation will determine brand leadership. Canon also wants to secure itself as one of the leading brands by capturing more substantial market share. Canon needed to demonstrate that there is a clear difference between digital camera brands. By creating a campaign that leveraged the unique Canon DIGIC image processor, we could demonstrate that all digital is not the same. Since the launch of the campaign, Canon has more than exceeded its objectives.

Brand: Canon
Client: Canon USA, Inc.
Agency: DCA Advertising

Better Life

Through understanding our focused target audience and truly defining the problem (that TV as a category was not broken) the agency team was able to find a motivating and differentiating benefit for UltimateTV. This lead to a head to toe brand re-design and campaign which resulted in an 80% increase in sales in the campaign period.

Brand: UltimateTV
Client: Microsoft
Agency: Venables, Bell & Partners

Instant Connection

Following five years of sales decline and the explosion of digital photo options, the Polaroid brand declared bankruptcy and faced dissolution. In order to survive, Polaroid needed an idea that could pull them from the edge, resuscitate sales and make instant photography relevant again to a target going digital. The instant connection campaign demonstrated that Polaroid has the unique ability to do more than merely record a moment (as all other cameras do), Polaroid makes a moment. The campaign was a hit, turning declining sales into year over year growth and reinvigoration consumer attraction toward Polaroid.

Brand: Polaroid
Client: Polaroid Corporation
Agency: Leo Burnett USA

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