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IBM RS/6000 Brand Campaign

The IBM RS/6000 Brand campaign was initiated to establish the brand as a leader in the technology industry. Communications emphasized real business benefits and capitalized on high-end segment successes, creating a positive trickle down effect through the whole franchise. Advertising targeted the technology managers who request IT investments and the senior level executives who approve those requests.

Brand: IBM RS/6000
Client: IBM Corporation
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

Picture the Beauty of Digital Light

Our campaign for Texas Instruments is an "ingredient branding" campaign that supports the launch of a new technology, DLP. DLP is an all digital display technology that is the major component within high end multimedia business projectors sold through third party OEMs. This campaign supports the sales efforts of TI's OEMs and their dealers by creating awareness among end user business professionals of DLP and the revolutionary new class of projectors it has created. Our campaign dramatically exceeded all objectives driving awareness from zero to forty percent (+60% U.S. goal) and delivering more than ten thousand qualified sales leads (+15% U.S. goal) within four months.

Brand: DLP by Texas Instruments
Client: Texas Instruments
Agency: McCann-Erickson Dallas

Home Achiever Campaign

Apple Computer was threatened in the fourth quater of 1995 by other companies claiming its traditional point of difference: ease of use. In this all-important sales period, it was critical that Apple retain dominace in ease of use as well as change the rules on how computers were evaluated by home users. Only by offering a quarter; fortunately, its target was open to hearing about a superior asternative. This campaign helped Apple push the target further down the consideration path, as well as achieve the sales goals for this market and for the company as a whole.

Brand: Apple Macintosh
Client: Apple Inc.
Agency: BBDO West

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