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The Tools Matter.

This past April, the IBM Personal Systems Group launched a new advertising campaign entitled "The Tools Matter". The goals of the new campaign were to:1) Help IBM reclaim a competitive position in the PC market by increasing interest and purchase of PC products and 2) Increase IBM PSG'S revenue. The campaign directly links the product offering of the PSG group to the e-business revolution. IBM products are the tools of e-business, and consequently are a true differentiator between IBM and competitive product offerings.

Brand: IBM Personal Systems Group
Client: IBM Corporation, Personal Systems
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Own the Road

As a relative newcomer in the hideously competitive notebook PC market, Panasonic Personal Computer Company needed a truly integrated campaign that could cut through - not just the ad and PR clutter, but the intense skepticism of the target. Panasonic's "Own the Road" campaign did just that, delivering not only a toughness metaphor but also the ultimate torture test machine, helping to nearly double sales along the way.

Brand: Panasonic CF-25
Client: Panasonic Personal Computer Company
Agency: Renegade Marketing Group

IBM RS/6000 Brand Campaign

The IBM RS/6000 Brand campaign was initiated to establish the brand as a leader in the technology industry. Communications emphasized real business benefits and capitalized on high-end segment successes, creating a positive trickle down effect through the whole franchise. Advertising targeted the technology managers who request IT investments and the senior level executives who approve those requests.

Brand: IBM RS/6000
Client: IBM Corporation
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

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