TVs, radios, mobile devices, home entertainment, laptops, tablets, cameras, computer hardware, game consoles, drones, external or integrated VR/AR devices, sound systems, etc. Electronic devices may be aimed at consumers or businesses.



Real PC

Subject to Mac's attacks, Windows was losing market share and Mindshare. Our challenge was to breathe new relevance into a brand and product that people took largely for granted and often didn't buy directly and to do it during a time of no product news. By embracing and amplifying the brand's underlying truths of democracy and value, we simultaneously gave meaning to an invisible operating system and depositioned our competitor as elitist. Market share, value perception and favorability measures reversed course, meeting our key objectives of preference and share protection.

Brand: Microsoft
Client: Microsoft
Agency: CP+B

Ashton's Nikon COOLPIX

By the end of 2007, Nikon's market share in the point-and-shoot segment hit an all-time low. Nikon needed to engage young people to increase its share and compete with the consumer electronics giants. To get young people to listen, Nikon needed to stun them. So Nikon created an online application that not only stunned but also gave young people a chance to stun others. They were driven to this application via an integrated TV and print campaign, featuring actor Ashton Kutcher. As a result, Nikon more than doubled its market share.

Brand: Nikon
Client: Nikon Inc.
Agency: McCann Erickson New York


Demonstrating that it knows more about high definition than any other brand, Sony provided a unique reason that substantiated its position as the brand that owns HD. This campaign broadened the market beyond HDTV into related HD product categories, positioning Sony for future growth and bolstering previously eroding key brand measures. "HDNA" not only helped Sony drive business, it confirmed the brand as the best choice for all things high definition and reestablished Sony at the top of the market.

Brand: Sony
Client: Sony Electronics Inc.
Agency: 180LA

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