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I See Myself in Feria

Since 1998, L'Oreal has revolutionized the Hair color Category with the introduction of Feria, an entirely new kind of permanent colorant formulated with innovative color technology. Breaking through a cluttered and brand-loyal market, Feria advertising captured trendy, experimental, multi-ethnic women and men, offering them dramatic color change as a bold fashion statement. After only two years, the continuously-evolving campaign has helped build one of the most successful brands in the market. The success of Feria has helped to make L'Oreal the number one hair color company and knocking Clairol down to second place. To date, Feria is only .6 share point away from the number two dollar share position currently held by Nice' N Easy. Feria unit volume is up an amazing +25% vs. YAG, and the Feria brand is the fourth largest hair color in the market today!

Brand: Feria
Client: L'Oreal USA
Agency: McCann-Erickson New York

Totally Organic

The Clairol Herbal Essences "Totally Organic" campaign far exceeded all business and communication objectives for Year I & II. The creative challenge of breaking through the clutter with a persuasive execution was done by going beyond the conventional end benefit of beautiful hair to the additional promise of a surprisingly pleasent organiic experience. Herbal Essences' advertising generated instant sales momentum. While working with a media budget a fraction of the size of its competitors, Herbal Essences has risen from relative obscurity to become the fastest growing hair care brand and the #3 player in the category.

Brand: Clairol Herbal Essences
Client: Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
Agency: Wells Rich Greene BDDP Inc.


In an effort to defend Excellence's position in permanent color, the company evolved the Brand's advertising to secure an ownable positioning as the pre-eminent creme colorant. The challenge was to create a meaningful benefit that leveraged Excellence's unique creme form and motivated consumers, within a marketplace dominated by product "news" and re-stages using high-profile spokeswomen. The advertising successfully drove the business as the Brand's market share increased 3 full share points with unit volume up +37% vs YAG. Due to business success, the campaign is now being used to support the Brand on Worldwide basis.

Brand: L'Oreal Excellence Creme
Client: Cosmair, Inc.
Agency: McCann-Erickson New York

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