Products and services focused on beauty.  Includes cosmetics, fragrances, hair products, nail products, etc.; beauty services such as salons, spas, etc.



Like You Just Stepped Out of a Salon

The "Stepping Out- Leadership Franchise" campaign was developed to take Salon Selectives into its third year. The campaign tackled issues facing the brand in early 1989 including increased competitive activity, an expanded product line-up and lagging "Salon brand" consumer perceptions. The campaign objectives have been met and surpassed. The brand has continued its phenomenal growth trends throughout 1989.

Brand: Salon Selectives
Client: Helene Curtis, Inc.
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, Inc.

Stay Cool

The objective of Soft & Dri's "Stay Cool" campaign was to increase share by raising brand awareness levels. By capitalizing on the growth of the solid segment and improving Soft & Dri's perception as a contemporary, appropriate brand for its users, the "Stay Cool" campaign has helped Soft & Dri exceed its business objectives and has allowed the brand to own a unique positioning in the antiperspirant category.

Brand: Soft & Dri
Client: The Gillette Company/Personal Care Division
Agency: BBDO New York

You Just Can't Get It Wrong

Precisely Right's "You Can't Get It Wrong" television and print campaign was developed to generate sales momentum behind the Ogilvie's Home Permanent product line in the face of a mature and continually declining Home Permanent category. Specifically, the campaign's promise of consistent results every time, without the risk of "over-processing" or "frizzing" was designed to generate awareness and subsequent trial/usage among competitive and new users of home products.

Brand: Precisely Right
Client: Lehn & Frank
Agency: Jordan, McGrath, Case & Taylor, Inc.

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