Products and services focused on beauty.  Includes cosmetics, fragrances, hair products, nail products, etc.; beauty services such as salons, spas, etc.



It's Time to #AxThePinkTax

We grew sales at European Wax Center by 33% vs. year ago against the backdrop of a flat category typically driven by cost and convenience.  We did this by connecting a core attribute of our beauty brand, confidence, to a cause we believe in:  The Pink Tax, a premium charged by companies for the “female” versions of products.  According to a study done by the City Of New York, this premium can be as high as 48% for some basic beauty products.

Brand: European Wax Center
Client: European Wax Center
Agency: Pereira O'Dell

I Am What I Make Up

In 2017, COVERGIRL had to modernize itself in the face of constant new news from niche and prestige brands. So we did something unprecedented: we changed beauty's most memorable tagline. COVERGIRL's new line, I Am What I Make Up, was an important update to "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful." It reframed prescriptive understandings of makeup and celebrated it as an act of self-expression. This brought about a cultural reappraisal, with COVERGIRL at the helm, and resulted in double-digit sales growth and increased market share for the brand.

Client: Coty
Agency: Droga5

Say No to Preservatives Campaign

Skin care products brand has always used the term "beauty" as their marketing strategy, but preservatives as "evil" of skin care products. Due to several factors such as cost/storage/quality, the brand awareness is far behind competitors and brand interaction is too low. However, the core spirit of the brand is "no preservatives", FANCL decided to go against the other way and "hidden beauty" that reveals the ‘secret’ of beauty makeup! Challenging restriction and successfully raising awareness, getting excellent circulated click results and significantly surpass KPI. We’ve gotten positive feedback which are more than expected, and unexpected growth rate.

Brand: FANCL
Client: FANCL
Agency: Inspire Advertising

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