Sustained Success - Products

Products communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for more than 3 years are eligible for entry.



A Novel Approach to Growth

Extra gum had become one of the biggest brands in the category. But while it was big, it had no meaning. And with no meaning, it was becoming invisible. So we walked away from traditional product marketing and began investigating ways to build the brand by telling emotional stories. Our work centered on the idea that a small act of kindness increases joy. This new brand meaning revitalized Extra’s steadily declining sales and households exposed to the Extra advertising purchased 30% more Extra than households who were not.

Brand: Extra Gum
Client: Mars, Inc.
Agency: Energy BBDO

Tough is not Enough

Brand: Ford
Client: Ford Motor Company
Agency: GTB

Todo se vive por TyC Sports

TyC Sports se propuso:SER EL REFERENTE ARGENTINO DEL CONTENIDO DEPORTIVO A PESAR DE HABER PERDIDO EL CONTENIDO1- Mantener el liderazgo en audiencia por encima de ESPN Deportes y Fox Sports en un 5%. TyC Sports superó exponencialmente a sus competidores: TyC Sports vs ESPN (+60%), TyCSports vs FOX Sports (+21%), TyC Sports vs ESPN 2 (+54%). (Ver cuadro Rating2009 al 2017 - IBOPE).2. Mantener el liderazgo como la marca argentina especializada en deportes: Contra todo pronóstico, contra los gigantes globales, contra las medidas contextuales que nos afectaron, no perdimos la ventaja en el marcador.

Brand: TyC Sports
Client: Grupo Clarín
Agency: Mercado McCann

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2019_us_2019_e-4434-592_hero_1 Whirlpool Care Counts
2019_us_2019_e-3607-315_hero_1 Corona Extra Eight Years of Record Breaking Corona Sales

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