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Products communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for more than 3 years are eligible for entry.




Huawei ambition - to gain 20% market share in 3 years since launch - seemed unrealistic considering deeply rooted stereotypes regarding low quality of C hinese products. Huawei lacked credibility and emotional attributes, allowing consumers to identify with a brand. But Huawei MADE IT POSSIBLE. C ommunication referring to dreams and aspirations of Polish customers, embodied in a success story of Robert Lewandowski, helped Huawei win hearts and minds of Poles. In 3 years Huawei became the vice-leader enjoying 22% SoM. Now, more than 1 in 5 sold smartphones is Huawei.

Brand: Huawei
Client: Huawei
Agency: Wavemaker


#SHKOLA was an experiment of the TV channel 1 + 1 - low budget, without its history and professional actors, which was supposed to strengthen the position of 1 + 1 in new media and bring a young audience on the air. The product had its competitors and features, but 1 + 1 took a chance and put its on prime time. The result exceeded all expectations not only significant over-fulfillment of KPIs declared (the number of subscribers per page, views on YouTube, large sales of promotional products), but also a general rating on the air, making the best series fall-winter 2017-2018.

Brand: 1+1 media
Client: 1+1 media
Agency: Postmen DA

Making The Everyday a Long-term Success

IKEA is a household name, popular within culture, and with a long record of creative marketing. But in 2013 a different story was emerging. Sales had fallen 20%, penetration declined and IKEA was looking out of step. A new goal from global management created a real sense of urgency; stem the decline. Grow sales 8% YoY to new meet 2020 targets. The answer was a culturally resonant brand platform that went back to IKEA’s founding purpose, delivered with creative excellence and which didn’t just meet the target, but beat it. 

Brand: IKEA
Client: IKEA UK
Agency: Mother

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