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Products communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for more than 3 years are eligible for entry.



Ek Neki Rozana: Championing Dirt in the Month of Purity for 3 consecutive years.

Having cemented itself as the most loved detergent of Pakistan, Surf Excel looked to elevate its philosophy of ‘Dirt is Good’ to not only defend this market and thought leadership, but also to take bolster further its equity. There was a natural association with Islamic values that consumers  saw in Surf Excel, thanks to its legacy of communications featuring acts of heroism and goodness by kids. Ramzan, hence became the perfect occasion to convert brand affinity to unwavering, unparalleled brand love and the brand embarked on this journey in 2016.

Brand: Surf excel
Client: Uniever Pakistan
Agency: MullenLowe Rauf

Khushiyan Chakh Lo

Shan had the position of market leader for several years but was losing out to its biggest competitor, National who had been investing heavily in its brand equity through a more emotional positioning. 2014 onwards Shan lost its leadership position to National. The gap between the two brands started widening with National going on an upward and Shan on a downward trend. Things didn’t seem good for Shan but it made a comeback with a campaign that spanned over 3 years and regained Shan’s position of dominance over National

Brand: Recipe Mixes
Client: Shan Foods Pvt. Limited
Agency: Ogilvy Pakistan

The Return of Colonel Sanders

KFC was once the #1 chicken restaurant in America. But after nearly a decade of declining sales, stores were closing and the brand was no longer on top. KFC was in dire need of a turnaround plan. We helped KFC rediscover its soul and recommitted the brand to everything that made it so special in the first place, including its iconic founder, Colonel Sanders. Kentucky Fried Chicken has made a dramatic comeback, improving perceptions with younger consumers and generating four consecutive years of sales growth in an increasingly competitive category.

Brand: KFC
Client: KFC
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

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