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Products communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for more than 3 years are eligible for entry.



The Return of Colonel Sanders

KFC was once the #1 chicken restaurant in America. But after nearly a decade of declining sales, stores were closing and the brand was no longer on top. KFC was in dire need of a turnaround plan. We helped KFC rediscover its soul and recommitted the brand to everything that made it so special in the first place, including its iconic founder, Colonel Sanders. Kentucky Fried Chicken has made a dramatic comeback, improving perceptions with younger consumers and generating four consecutive years of sales growth in an increasingly competitive category.

Brand: KFC
Client: KFC
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Nestlé Bunyad

Nestle Bunyad, founded on the insight that every third child in Pakistan is micronutrient deficient, has come a long since out inception. Nestle Bunyad, with its super clear proposition that tackles a real world issue has shown sustained success over the last decade. Our brand purpose of strengthening emerging families by fighting iron deficiency gave rise to stellar performance where we challenged the incumbent, grew on the basis of our relevant benefit territory and stayed on strategy of raising awareness and fulfilling our promise of NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND

Brand: Nestlé Bunyad
Client: Nestlé Pakistan Ltd.
Agency: Ogilvy Pakistan

For maximum oral cleanliness

How to change consumer behavior and form a habit of using mouthwash daily after brushing? It is necessary to actualize the problem by its dramatization. We showed consumers, how many germs remain in the mouth after brushing and offered a solution - Listerine, which kills 99% of germs, providing fresh breath, strong teeth and healthy gums. This communication strategy ensured sustained success of the Listerine. As a result of 3 years of the camapign, Listerine took strong #2 position on the market and increased categoty penetration from 25% to 30%.

Client: Johnson & Johnson LLC
Agency: The Neighborhood

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