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Products communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for more than 3 years are eligible for entry.



Ella's Kitchen; serving, not selling to parents

Ella’s Kitchen is a powerful example of how bravery can pay off. When our rivals were spending ten times as much as us marketing their products, we offered a service no-one else was offering. It was a radical shift that set us up for sustained success, which continues to be the driving force behind the brand today. We show how a brand with limited budgets can build deep relationships with parents over a significant period of time. Through smart targeting and content delivery, Ella’s continues to be parents’ go-to brand.

Brand: Ella's Kitchen
Client: Ella's Kitchen
Agency: Havas London

One Lil' Man, Four Big Years

In 2014 Diet Dr Pepper faced a big problem. “Diet” was intended to be the better alternative. Instead artificial sweeteners left consumers with a bad taste in their mouths. Sales reached historic lows. We needed big help. And we found that in the form of a little man in leather pants and a metallic jacket, who halved sales declines and gave us our highest campaign ROI ever. In four years we went from historic lows to historic highs. 

Brand: Diet Dr Pepper
Client: Keurig Dr Pepper
Agency: Deutsch LA

Zuja rules (2015 – 2017)

Ožujsko pivo je lider na tržištu piva u Hrvatskoj sa preko 120 godina iskustva, ulaganja u kvalitetu i brend. Jedino je pivo kojem su sami potrošači dali nadimak - Žuja. Ključni izazov za Žuju jest kako povećati udio na tržištu u sve konkurentnijem okruženju sa sve zahtjevnijim potrošačima i kupcima te u uvjetima kada je već dulje vrijeme indikator uspješnosti brenda na povijesno visokim razinama. Zahvaljujući timskom radu svih uključenih te konzistentnoj dugoročnoj koumunikaciji prodajni i image rezultati su višestruko premašili zadane ciljeve.

Brand: Ozujsko pivo
Client: Zagrebacka pivovara
Agency: BBDO Zagreb

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2019_uk_2019_e-388-633_hero_1 Baileys From dusty to dazzling; the Baileys turnaround

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