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Fiesta Movement

To make the Ford Fiesta the best known B-car not yet for sale in America, Ford knew its target customers, Gen Y'ers, didn't want to hear from them, but they did like to hear from other people like themselves. Insert the Fiesta Movement. 100 socially vibrant 'agents' driving 100 pre-launch Fiestas and documenting their experiences via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and other social networking sites. After 31,000 pieces of original content, 3.7 million YouTube views, 2.8 million Twitter impressions and 117 million consumer engagements the results speak for themselves.

Brand: Ford Fiesta
Client: Ford Motor Company
Agency: Team Detroit Inc.


Over the years, 'hacking' has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry intent on stealing the identities and assets of anyone online. To help people understand the magnitude of this phenomenon, McAfee gave it name: H*Commerce. We brought it to life through a feature-length film that told the real life stories of hackers and their victims. The film was promoted and housed on which included information on how to protect your digital life with McAfee products. In three months, brand awareness increased 150%, ultimately redefining a brand and the category.

Brand: McAfee
Client: McAfee
Agency: Tribal DDB

Bauer is Back

Bauer was sold by Nike and with that lost the marketing power of the swoosh. We leveraged the heritage and strength of the Bauer brand and connected directly to the people who brought them to the industry leading position - the players. We celebrated the brand authenticity and superior products through social networks, in arena placement and one-to-one communication with the kids on the ice and let them take it from there. The result - Bauer became stronger, more profitable and the most talked about brand in hockey.

Brand: Bauer
Client: BAUER Hockey, Inc.
Agency: OLSON

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