Brands that connect and establish relationships with their audience’s key influencers are the ones to learn from.




#SHKOLA was an experiment of the TV channel 1 + 1 - low budget, without its history and professional actors, which was supposed to strengthen the position of 1 + 1 in new media and bring a young audience on the air. The product had its competitors and features, but 1 + 1 took a chance and put its on prime time. The result exceeded all expectations not only significant over-fulfillment of KPIs declared (the number of subscribers per page, views on YouTube, large sales of promotional products), but also a general rating on the air, making the best series fall-winter 2017-2018.

Brand: 1+1 media
Client: 1+1 media
Agency: Postmen DA

The very same feeling when you're with Pure the coolest one

This is a story about how we succeeded in finding a touch point with the most difficult and inapprehensible audience for all marketers - the Z generation. Against the backdrop of a growing market, a strong competitor and a falling share of Garnier Pure, we were able to succeed. Our decision, on the one hand, was obvious - to choose the brand ambassador. But on the other hand, not everyone is able to find the right one. The one to whom teenagers could look up to and was interesting to watch. We chose Open Kids and did not lose out. Business results and increased attention to communication with girls from the music band serves as evidence. Now our audience feels that with Pure they are the coolest ones!

Brand: Pure/Garnier
Client: L’Oréal Ukraine
Agency: Zenith

Prevent #CATmageddon

In 2016, truth had to stoke outrage to keep driving down teen smoking an on-going challenge because teens dont think or care about tobacco and its consequences. We needed a new way to tell an old story. Armed with the fact: Cats whose owners smoker are 2X likely to get cancer, we set out to make smoking a relevant issue with teens again. Our campaign successfully captured the attention of teens and drastically changed their attitudes towards smoking.

Brand: Truth Initiative
Client: Truth Initiative
Agency: 72andSunny

2018_ua_2018_89_hero_1 Huggies HUGGIES CLUB – YouTube community
2018_ua_2018_90_hero_1 Beer Point #FairBnB
Blog_image Ultimate Ears How to make a new youth brand a household name

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