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Lays & Pyaterochka employed Olga Buzova

Every autumn, crisps face low season. In response, Lay’s in exclusive partnership with “Pyaterochka” turned a limited-edition launch into a blockbuster with the whole country watching. The leading star Olga Buzova had tried herself in so many projects, yet hadn’t worked anywhere full-time. So we offered her a job at “Pyaterochka” to help us launch 2 exclusive Lay’s flavours! As a result, the 8-week new product volume was sold out in 2weeks, Lay’s reached sales growth +50% vs. last year, record-traffic (+103% clicks & +223% site visits) and buzz among the young audience. 

Brand: Lay's
Client: Frito Ley Manufacturing LLC
Agency: BBDO Moscow

Superpower of Beeline TV

In 2018 Beeline launched an updated application Beeline TV.  By that time competitors already actively compete in novelty, range, content quality. The task was to make the utmost subscribers to be shortly connected to our service. Analyzing current trends and global experience we realized that potential grow lies in switching users to seamless content - start at home, keep on the go. We turned people's mind saying that now even the coolest superheroes can be with you everywhere. This was clearly demonstrated by the most stubborn, bold but herewith fun superhero Deadpool.

Brand: Beeline
Client: VimpelCom PJSC
Agency: Contrapunto

Millicano with Millionaire

Jacobs Millicano is a premium product with upscale price which markets shares have stagnated for the last two years. It takes a lot to justify that high end price and strengthen attractiveness through premium image and fine quality to ultimately turn the tide and make shares grow. First order of business is to attract and intrigue consumers, and that has been done by creating a complex campaign highlighted by a relevant celebrity, in our case – Gianluca Vacchi, a perfect choice for an image of good taste and premium quality. The results are impressive with 5,3% of market shares, 11% and 9% growth of the product premium image and high quality perception respectively.

Brand: Jacobs Millicano
Client: Jacobs Douwe Egberts Rus
Agency: Carat Russ

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