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Service communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for more than 3 years are eligible for entry.



Values Endure Over Time

In 2014, Singapore was destined to “outstrip Switzerland as the world’s wealth management centre”. Whilst global and local private banks were well placed to take a share of this lucrative pie, UOB Private Bank was a newcomer and a minnow. Yet by building a deeply emotive brand rooted in enduring Asian culture and values – and then enduring with this approach over the next 3 years, UOB Private Bank has enjoyed unparalleled business and brand growth that ranks at the very top of the industry.

Client: UOB

The gift that keeps on giving: John Lewis at Christmas

This paper tells the story of how, from 2013-2016, John Lewis created Christmas campaigns that delivered outstanding return on investment.   It’s a story about the power of fame and the immersive power of modern media. It’s a masterclass in how to build brands in the 21st Century to drive long term marketing excellence.   And it’s a story about giving and sharing. John Lewis gave the public heart-warming stories that they could share. And when the nation gave John Lewis their business, they shared the profits with their staff.

Brand: John Lewis
Client: John Lewis
Agency: adam&eveDDB

Making Insurance Make A Difference

Income’s market share was on a steep decline in 2014. To reverse this, Income needed to aggressively differentiate itself. By committing to go beyond affordability, trust and honesty, Income refreshed it’s ‘made different’ promise to build relevance and genuinely make insurance make a difference in the lives of people. Market share steadily grew from 2015 to 2017, reaching a record high that beat the levels prior to the decline in 2014, all while having a decreasing share of voice.

Brand: Income
Client: INCOME

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