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Service communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for more than 3 years are eligible for entry.



Tips From Former Smokers

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. The Tips campaign was created to address this epidemic. To encourage smokers to quit, the campaign features hard-hitting ads that show real people living and suffering with smoking-related diseases who give Tips to smokers who could end up suffering from the same smoking-related diseases. Every time the campaign ran, the calls to the quitline more than doubled and clicks to the website increased at least 500%, driving more than 5 million quit attempts. 

Brand: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Client: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Office on Smoking and Health
Agency: Arnold Worldwide

Be The Generation That Ends Smoking and #FinishIT

truth® is a non-profit youth brand with a mission to combat teen smoking. We measure success by how many youth we prevent from smoking. To change social norms & prevent someone from starting smoking, we impart knowledge, shift attitudes and beliefs & ultimately change behavior–which takes time, consistency, & motivating reasons why. Despite facing evolving culture, efforts of Big Tobacco, and changes in youth media habits, we’ve helped cut teen smoking by 1/4 in the past 3 years, and are responsible for keeping hundreds of thousands of teens from smoking.

Brand: Truth Initiative
Client: Truth Initiative
Agency: 72andSunny


Brand: Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation
Client: Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation Limited
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Group, India

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