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Service communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for more than 3 years are eligible for entry.



Martes Visa, La Recompensa A Los Lunes

Reinventamos nuestro programa estrella después de 14 años sin mayores innovaciones, para darle a nuestros usuarios la opción de escaparse en momentos de tensión y darse un gusto, con la ampliación de la oferta gastronómica y de momentos para disfrutar. Con esta renovación, durante los últimos 3 años se logró incrementar la facturación 16% y las transacciones 18,6% en promedio, no solo en restaurantes, ahora también en nuevas categorías.

Client: Visa SA
Agency: proximity Colombia

3 years: it's not a matter of money

Tochka Bank is a pioneer to work with legal bodies only, not to have offline offices and to conduct payments 24/7. It formed the category of “A bank for entrepreneurs”; its philosophy is the client’s success. A ‘different’ bank needed unique advertising. We went through hell and zombies with the Bank. We spoke about the Bank’s values on the language of classic literature and action movies and genuinely supported its clients. After 3 years of cooperation, Tochka’s client base grew so much that it became necessary to launch an HR-campaign to attract new employees to work with new clients.

Brand: Tochka bank
Client: Tochka bank
Agency: Voskhod

How transforming the Defence Force's approach to recruitment delivered record returns

This case study goes beyond a mere campaign. Instead, it shows how Host/Havas positioned the ADF as a 21st Century employer, not just through communications but in how it acts throughout the candidate journey, driving operational change that delivered record recruitment rates despite a reduced budget.

Brand: Defence Force Recruitment
Client: Defence Force Recruitment
Agency: Host/Havas

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