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Service communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for more than 3 years are eligible for entry.



'A whole different animal'

The Frontier brand needed to be built from the ground up; increasing brand awareness while fending off current and unforeseen competition that threatened to erode market share and growth. Our campaign strategy has allowed us to create an unparalleled emotional bond in the cold, uncaring airline industry. Six years later, over 100 TV spots and countless other messaging, the people of Colorado continue to want more - all of which continues to make Frontier Airlines "A whole different animal."

Brand: Frontier Airlines
Client: Frontier Airlines
Agency: Grey New York

The Strategic Corporal

Throughout the years, Marine Corps Recruiting Command?s (MCRC) mission has been constant, pursuing the finest young men and women, 17-24 years of age, who have what it takes to become Marines. Whether the nation is at war or peace, despite an increasingly partisan political climate, regardless of the swings of economic disparity and in the face of the cultural nuances that emerge with the arrival of each new generation, the Marines recruit the highest quality young men and women to maintain the elite force that protects our country.

Brand: United States Marine Corps
Client: Marine Corps Recruiting Command
Agency: JWT Atlanta

The Few. The Proud. The Marines.

Since fiscal 1998, Marine Corps Recruiting Command has met its annual recruiting goal every year while maintaining the highest enlistment standards and sustaining a commanding lead in the Tough Elite brand attribute category among all service branches. These goals have been met despite the varying conditions of the economic, global and political landscape and across two generational archetypes whose attitudes and motivations differ greatly from one another.

Brand: U.S. Marine Corps
Client: United States Marine Corps
Agency: JWT Atlanta

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