Positive Change - Social Good: Non-Profit

Recognizing non-profit organizations and associations whose communications efforts have effectively driven positive change for society and successfully contributed back to the organization's purpose.  Campaigns must show measurable impact and pro



Matta y Matta Funeraria

Brand: Carabineros de Chile
Client: Carabineros de Chile
Agency: Wolf

Walk for Life – Fashiontrend 2017: der Kampf gegen das Vergessen.

Brand: AIDS-Hilfe Frankfurt
Client: AIDS-Hilfe Frankfurt
Agency: McCANN

A Retirement Speech

One out of 10 newborn babies is preterm. It's very hard for them to survive and they need to depend on life-saving equipment at all time. Our work raised awareness on preterm babies’ conditions and the funds crowed into the hospital helped renewing the life-saving equipment.

Brand: Mennonite Christian Hospital
Client: Mennonite Christian Hospital
Agency: United Advertising

2019_pos_2019_e-3608-831_hero_1 Milwaukee Public Library How One Library Wrestled for Relevance and Won
2019_pos_2019_e-3740-212_hero_1 Seattle's Union Gospel Mission Lost Angels
2019_pos_2019_e-4181-860_hero_1 Get America Covered Coverage Coalition: A Call to Action

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