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Recognizing non-profit organizations and associations whose communications efforts have effectively driven positive change for society and successfully contributed back to the organization's purpose.  Campaigns must show measurable impact and pro



Young Bride

For RDFL’s 3rd campaign against child marriage, we went with the tide and created an e-matchmaking platform for child brides. The services provoked many people, got law enforcement involved. The campaign gained a slot on the most popular night show in the country which boosted our total impressions to 6 M. 
More than 3000 people took to the streets, and 2942 signed petitions to make child marriage illegal. In the end the law made its way back to parliamentary discussions.

Brand: Young Bride
Client: RDFL
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Beirut

Abaad #ShameOnWho

Through a fully integrated campaign entrenched in  real rape survivors testimonies, we brought the country’s attention to the rape taboo, launching an unprecedented conversation that bluntly exposed a patriarchal society that shames and blames women survivors of rape. Through the campaign’s massive local and international resonance, for the first time, we managed to break the silence around rape. We shifted the blame from the victims to the rapists, and most importantly we empowered 238 rape survivors to speak up and report their rape cases, finally paving the way for justice.

Brand: Abaad
Client: Abaad
Agency: Leo Burnett Beirut

Australia's Worst Serial Killer

The Heart Foundation “Serial Killer’ campaign aimed to cut through Australians’ dangerous complacency about our most prolific killer, one that strikes 51 times every day, killing 18,500 Australians each year. Highlighting the ‘criminal’ behind Australia’s biggest killer, heart disease, the campaign called on the Government to invest in the prevention of heart disease and on Australians to take steps to assess their own levels of risk.
The campaign was dramatically successful. Within the first 7 days, the Government agreed to fund life- saving Heart Health Checks for Australians at risk of heart disease, something the Heart Foundation had been advocating for over 10 years to achieve. In addition, the campaign alerted Australians to their risk of heart disease and what they can do about it via the newly launched Heart Age Calculator.

Brand: The Heart Foundation Australia
Client: The Heart Foundation Australia
Agency: News Corp Australia

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