Positive Change - Social Good: Non-Profit

Recognizing non-profit organizations and associations whose communications efforts have effectively driven positive change for society and successfully contributed back to the organization's purpose.  Campaigns must show measurable impact and pro



Opening the door for breast self-examination in rural India

Brand: Narayana Health
Client: Narayana Health
Agency: McCann Worldgroup India

Embrace "Talking Save Lives"

In Lebanon, people simply do not discuss mental illness as it is perceived as a shameful taboo. Consequently, a person loses their life to suicide every 2.5 days. People who suffer from a mental illness suffer in silence. Our objective was to break the silence surrounding mental illness and to launch the suicide helpline, inviting people to talk about mental health. We needed to destigmatize the topic of suicide and create an environment for mentally ill people and their families to reach out.

Brand: Embrace
Client: Embrace
Agency: Leo Burnett Beirut

Giving Is In Your Blood – Ramadan Blood Drive

Volume of blood donations falls over 40% in MENA countries during Ramadan, due to deeply ingrained doubts about donating, as well as reduced on-ground presence of blood banks. This leads to a yearly post-Ramadan health crisis, as blood has a maximum shelf life of 42 days. Our challenge was to massively drive donations and prevent another crisis despite a complex on-the-ground situation, at the most media saturated time of the year: we succeeded, with a 91% increase in blood donations to Red Crescent blood banks across MENA year over year.

Brand: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
Client: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Agency: Leo Burnett Beirut

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2019_pos_2019_e-3740-212_hero_1 Seattle's Union Gospel Mission Lost Angels
2019_pos_2019_e-4181-860_hero_1 Get America Covered Coverage Coalition: A Call to Action

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