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Recognizing non-profit organizations and associations whose communications efforts have effectively driven positive change for society and successfully contributed back to the organization's purpose.  Campaigns must show measurable impact and pro



Together for MagicHome

Brand: MagicHome
Client: MagiCAMP NGO
Agency: Jazz Communication

Last Laugh

IAPC’s Last Words campaign in 2016 created awareness for palliative care. But in India, talking about death is taboo, so even the terminally ill, their doctors and families don’t talk about death, let alone palliative care. In this environment, the terminally ill performed stand-up comedy about death for their families, doctors and a paying audience to break this taboo and bring about cultural change. They were screened and trained by palliative care counsellors and India’s best stand-up comedians. These shows and its coverage became our campaign.

Brand: Indian Association of Palliative Care
Client: IAPC
Agency: Medulla Communications


El desafío de Haciendo Lío era lograr recaudar dinero para colaborar con escuelas rurales. Aprovechando el anuncio del Banco Central, en el que establecía que los billetes de $2 saldrían de circulación, decidimos lanzar una campaña para rescatarlos antes de que desaparezcan.Así, #Todosx2pesos logró una recaudación de $588.500, una suma de dinero que de otra manera hubiera perdido su valor.

Brand: Haciendo Lío
Client: Haciendo Lío
Agency: Rapp Argentina

2019_ca_2019_e-171-614_hero_1 Assaulted Women's Helpline (AWHL) Abuse Exposed
2019_ro_2019_66_hero_1 HOSPICE Casa Sperantei Romania without HOSPICE
2019_pos_2019_e-3608-831_hero_1 Milwaukee Public Library How One Library Wrestled for Relevance and Won

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