Positive Change - Social Good: Non-Profit

Recognizing non-profit organizations and associations whose communications efforts have effectively driven positive change for society and successfully contributed back to the organization's purpose.  Campaigns must show measurable impact and pro



Cosmos for Girls

Group of mum decided to set up NGO to make a magazine for girls. They wanted to empower girls so they feel free to live their own life. The challenge was how to introduce new brand without money and how to launch new paper magazine without money. They run crowdfunding campaign and collected over 130 000 PLN to launch first and second issue. The idea gathered 16000 fans, and made sales of 15 000 pcs of first and second issue together.

Brand: Kosmos dla dziewczynek
Client: Fundacja Kosmos dla Dziewczynek
Agency: Fundacja Kosmos dla Dziewczynek

Kids are Tougher than the Streets

This case is about the toughest people in one of the toughest warzones.  They’re not soldiers, cops or gangsters.  They’re children.  And they make the tough choice to defiantly reject crime on their streets.  Instead, they choose hope by joining a safe-haven called Off The Street Club.  Our “Hope is Tougher” campaign raised the most money in the Club’s history – 20% more than previous years and enough to keep 3,000 kids off the streets.  And it proved that thoughtful strategy and communications can make a difference in people’s lives.

Brand: Off The Street Club
Client: Off The Street Club
Agency: Energy BBDO

The Florida Man Project

With volunteerism at a 14-year low, Big Brothers Big Sisters Tampa Bay had a problem: too many Little Brothers. In order to convince Florida men to become Big Brothers, we recruited the help of an unexpected ally: The Florida Man. Known around the internet for outrageous feats, we created our own clickbait that surprised users with meaningful mentorships. By encouraging Florida men to make Florida proud, we increased Big Brother sign ups and gave BBBSTB the best month of male sign ups on record!

Brand: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay
Client: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay
Agency: 22squared

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