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The Search for the New Aflac Duck Voice

Immediately following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan (home to 75% of Aflacs business), Aflac was also faced with a marketing disaster: the voice of the beloved Duck, issued distasteful jokes about the crisis, and Aflac subsequently parted ways with him. The Duck and brand was suddenly silent. Seeing an opportunity in this challenge, we quickly launched a nationwide, job search for the Ducks new voice. Today, not only does the Duck have his quack back, but the Aflac brand is positioned stronger than ever.

Brand: Aflac
Client: Aflac
Agency: The Kaplan Thaler Group


Through the innovative and full integrated Superstore campaign Progressive showed consumers that a Better Way exists when shopping for new insurance. And with our charming, helpful and hysterical spokesperson Flo we've put a new face on the Progressive brand. We've increased brand awareness, key consideration drivers, new prospect growth and brand popularity. And we did all of that while competing against brands with larger customer bases or who were significantly outspending us in a category people would rather not think about. Now that's Progressive!

Brand: Progressive Insurance
Client: Progressive Insurance
Agency: Arnold Worldwide

We've Been There, We'll Be There

This year the savings and loan industry and MeraBank, in particular, received more negative press than ever before. Historically, offering competitive interest rates on deposit products has been an effective way to induce customers to rollover maturing certificates of deposit and to bring in new money. In this year's tumultuous environment, however, having high rates was not enough. The new campaign "We've Been There. We'll Be There." was designed to generate an influx of funds while shoring up eroding consumer confidence.

Brand: MeraBank
Client: MeraBank
Agency: keye/donna/pearlstein

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