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Cleaning products, waxes, detergents, floor-care products, fabric softeners, paper products, domestic services, mowers, fertilizers, lawn care services.



How Royale Play found a new canvas to play on

Brand: Royale Play
Client: Asian Paints Ltd.
Agency: McCann Worldgroup India

A.O. Smith Selling a water purifier without selling purity

Brand: A.O. Smith
Client: A.O.Smith
Agency: McCann Worldgroup India

Pit Bull Battle V

The idea of creating an online rap platform, built on the insights of the target audience, a new market format for implementation with the use of live battles and star judges, effectively planned cross-media support with a focus in the digital, which gave a mega-push organic traffic in social networks of the brand, support for a limited special product series - all this has led to the protection of the market share of Pit Bull, has allowed him to survive in the face of aggressive actions of competitors. Through the Pit Bull Battle platform, the youth showed themselves, expressed their thoughts, and it built a strong link between the brand and the audience. We have reached their trust, and as a result, high loyalty. The most important indicator was the fact that, due to the campaign, we not only saved the market share in conditions of aggressive competition, but also grew in it (from 20% to 21%)

Brand: Pit Bull
Client: New Products Group
Agency: #ODDEE

2018_fr_2018_d2_hero_1 Butagaz Le confort
2018_ec_2018_26_hero_1 Deja Momentos que marcan
2018_ec_2018_28_hero_1 Ciclón OXI Las manchas de hoy no son como las de antes

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