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The story of the cultivation of a sunny man loved by whole nation

In 2016, the brand, DIAO, perceived the change of the time. Its proposition of "DIAO' s New Family Opinions" received the high recognition of Chinese society and young family. In 2017, in order to strengthen the brand' s position in the young, we created a personalized brand IP, the Talk of Brother DIAO, which carries the wisdom and soul of DIAO' s New Family Opinions, on the basis of the understanding of the fact that it is difficult for the young to manage their family emotional relationship. Through robust and continuous integrated communication, the brand precisely engaged the target and deeply interacted with them. It successfully collected more than 900 thousand fans from O in this campaign, with 1.4 billion exposure and 360% sales growth rate.

Brand: Diaopai
Client: Nice
Agency: CC&E

A Fragrent Wish

Brand: Sunlight
Client: Unilever Sri Lanka Limited
Agency: Magic Mango

Gain by Gain

How do you convince 80% of people who are fully satisfied with their current laundry scent that the scent of Gain is worth paying morefor? Gain by Gain illustrates the power even in a commodity category - of stepping outside category communication conventions to alter behavioral drivers of purchase. This was Gain's highest scoring creative in history and drove significant increase in sales of Gain flings!TM, the best smelling Gain ever.

Brand: Gain
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto

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2018_ec_2018_28_hero_1 Ciclón OXI Las manchas de hoy no son como las de antes

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