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Cleaner of Your Dreams

To reverse years of decline on the aging Mr. Clean brand, we researched the brand’s past successes and intersected them with today’s household cleaning dynamics. This uncovered the insight, “there’s nothing sexier than a man who cleans”, inspiring the idea “Mr. Clean is the cleaner of your dreams”. Despite being in a highly commoditized category and having a premium price tag, the campaign drove sales for Mr. Clean Liquid Cleaners and Magic Eraser up 3% and 5% respectively – representing a significant lift across 82% of the brand’s overall portfolio.

Brand: Mr. Clean
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto

Mamás de hierro

En un contexto competitivo de indiferenciación, Fuyí se propuso reforzar el vínculo emocional con sus consumidoras más allá de sus productos. A partir de una simple observación, que la mayoría de los monumentos en Argentina pertenecen a hombres, la marca decidió accionar y rendir homenaje a todas las madres que luchan y toman decisiones difíciles por sus hijos. Así, nació el monumento a las #MamásDeHierro. Visibilizamos una verdad hasta ahora omitida a través de un monumento físico y, con homenajes contemporáneos en redes sociales, celebramos los esfuerzos de las madres de hoy.

Brand: Fuyí
Client: SC Johnson
Agency: BBDO Argentina

Traffic Ads

According to the brand research in 2017, around 50% consumers did not perceive IKEA's products as "affordable" for them. Yet, "affordable" is actually the DNA of IKEA. While other competitors use discounts and really low price products to attract consumers, IKEA wants to convey the message that "we not only can sell inexpensive products but also provide best offers in everyone's life" through a series of 6 second videos.

Brand: IKEA
Client: IKEA
Agency: Ogilvy Taiwan

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