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Change, Make Home and Family Better

The Taiwanese home decoration expenses were about 2.5% of annual family income, the lowest expenditure items from 2003 to 2013, because Taiwanese didn't realize the necessity of home decoration. We found that family relationships were important for Taiwanese, which made them willing to do anything for their family. Therefore IKEA encourage people to change home space for family. IKEA launched a long-term campaign focusing on different families and providing specific transformation programs for them. When people saw a better home, which also could solve problems, they’re interested in home decoration.

Brand: IKEA
Client: IKEA
Agency: Ogilvy Taiwan

Manzil Pe Nazar

Brand: Sonata ACT
Client: Titan Company Ltd
Agency: Titan Company Ltd.

Bradshaw Stain

WE TURNED A STAIN INTO AN AD. We wanted to celebrate America’s #1 detergent – Tide – on America’s biggest stage – the Super Bowl.  Knowing viewers would be waiting for a mistake, we wondered… Could we troll the Super Bowl with a stain in the live broadcast? We could!  During the Big Game, millions witnessed Terry Bradshaw appear on TV in a stained shirt.  Thousands tweeted about the “mistake.” Then Tide claimed the stain with an ad.  Tide Pods sales increased 22%, and Tide penetration hit an all-time high.

Brand: Tide
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

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