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'Embrace Change'

After completing renovations to two Washington DC stores in November 2008, IKEA was faced with the question of how to get people interested in its news. With just over $500k, IKEA strategically designed its efforts to coincide with the height of pre-inauguration fever and take advantage of concentrated media presence. IKEA demonstrated the benefits of 'embracing change' with the President as inspiration and illustration. The campaign generated 500 million free media impressions in DC and across the world.

Brand: IKEA
Client: IKEA North America
Agency: Deutsch, Inc.

Drink Responsibly

If laid end to end, the amount of disposable plastic water bottles Americans use each year would travel from the Earth to the Moon and back 10 times. The absurd amount of energy we waste using those bottles totals more than $1 billion in plastic. That's enough to power 190,000 homes or the equivalent of 912 million gallons of oil. Practical sustainability was on the rise. And seeing that, 1 Brita filter = 300 bottles of bottled water, drinking Brita instead of bottled water was clearly the responsible choice.

Brand: Brita
Client: The Clorox Company
Agency: DDB West

Be Even More Amazing

In spring 2008, Electrolux, known for vacuum cleaners, introduced a new kitchen appliance line in North America, a cluttered category with brands such as LG, GE and Samsung. A multimedia campaign with actress-TV talk show host Kelly Ripa, the ultimate embodiment of the target consumer, was created to quickly break through the clutter. Placement was obtained at over 5,000 retailers; sales at Lowe's exceeded goals; and in three months there was 60% awareness that Electrolux manufactures kitchen appliances.

Brand: Electrolux
Client: Electrolux
Agency: DDB New York

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