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Every Day, Care

For generations, Whirlpool built a brand on simple familiarity and trust. But new competitors focused on technology and innovation shook up the appliance market, taking an 11% chunk out of Whirlpools market share since 2010. To combat this threat, Whirlpool launched the Every day, care campaign to shift the conversation away from tech innovation to how Whirlpools products fit seamlessly into the care you give. Through a national launch the Every day, care campaign stopped the downward slide and grew market share by 6.4 percent in only 1 year.

Brand: Whirlpool
Client: Whirlpool
Agency: DigitasLBi Chicago

Comeback of an Iconic American Brand

Maytags long-standing promise of Dependability had lost relevance with modern audiences, resulting in declining sales and loss of market share. To restore Maytag to its former glory, we brought back the brands iconic Repairman, and gave him a new job. The Maytag Man became the appliances themselves, giving Maytag Dependability a face, a voice, and a way to connect with people who are like like Maytag the unseen heroes of Dependability. And after years of decline, Maytag has once again risen to prominence.

Brand: Maytag
Client: Whirlpool Corporation
Agency: DigitasLBi

The Rise Above "Ordinary Laminates"

In a struggling category, Pergo launched an innovative, astoundingly durable laminate flooring product that demanded a higher price - and a message that separated them from "ordinary laminate." Through extreme performance challenges, we showcased this unsurpassed product durability and justified a premium price. The "Pergo vs." campaign introduced Pergo Max and Pergo XP products, solidifed Pergo's position as category leader and reverse a decline in sales.

Brand: Pergo
Client: Pergo
Agency: Fitzgerald+CO

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