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Bound By Nothing

Once regarded as a super-premium appliance pioneer, JennAir found itself vulnerable and out of touch after decades of resting on its laurels. The brand had become synonymous with “entry-level luxury”. As the competition continued to win with their same stainless-steel suites and monotonous idea of luxury, JennAir needed to reboot. “Bound by Nothing” was designed to tear down this old idea of luxury. To bring progress to a stagnant category. This platform attracted renewed attention, desire, and demand from up-and-coming affluents and design professionals, for the first time in years.

Brand: JennAir
Client: JennAir
Agency: Digitas

Espacios Buscan Personas

 Ciencuadras es un portal colombiano que desde hace 3 años ofrece servicios de búsqueda de inmuebles para venta o alquiler y esta es la historia de cómo una plataforma integrada de acciones de comunicación, logró en tan solo 3 meses, reactivar todos los indicadores de la marca, incrementar en un 7.000% el tráfico de visitas a nuestra página, así como aumentar la recordación y la tasa de conversión de la compañía. 

Brand: Espacios Buscan Personas - Ciencuadras
Client: Ciencuadras
Agency: DDB Colombia

It's a Tide Ad

On the night when the sexiest brands in the hottest categories pull out all the stops, a laundry detergent brand won the Super Bowl. Tide accomplished this by shifting from the traditional category focus on the problem of stains to celebrate and take ownership of clean. By elevating the visibility of the unsung benefit and leveraging the night’s uniquely heightened focus on ads, Tide turned every ad on advertising’s biggest stage into a Tide ad.

Brand: Tide
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New York

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