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Built-In Pins

To grow beyond the core DIYer, The Home Depot needed to meet Millennials where they were most engaged in home improvement: Pinterest. But we learned that Pinterest-perfect inspiration was more intimidating than inspiring. So we hacked the platform to bring viewers “Built-In Pins,” a virtual before & after experience with shoppable content, that helped bridge the gap between aspiration and reality. The campaign delivered 4x the industry average for ROAS, doubling engagement benchmarks and earning us a spot on Pinterest’s most innovative list.

Brand: The Home Depot
Client: The Home Depot
Agency: 22squared

What It Takes To Protect

Lysol had been sidelined. Considered too harsh for everyday use, it was losing relevance with moms, reserved for only the most extreme cases of disinfection. But by showing moms that Lysol’s strength was matched only by their own, we increased sales, significantly outpacing the category, and turned an old brand into a modern force to be reckoned with.

Brand: Lysol
Client: Reckitt Benckiser
Agency: McCann New York

Daughter-in-law's instant charm: Battle of the Queens

The relationship between In-laws is a tricky subject in the Chinese culture. As families gather together during Chinese New Year for their annual reunion meal, it’s also the time for our TA (married women) to really impress their mothers-in-law. The campaign is in the format of an ancient Chinese palace drama. Its storyline centres around the mother/daughter-in-law relationship and the product benefits. Within 3 days of launching the video, it became the top trending video on YouTube, created a lot of buzz, and also helped Sujai increased the sales of the Viva kitchen towel range by 35%.

Brand: Sujai Viva
Client: Kimberly-Clark Taiwan
Agency: J. Walter Thompson

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