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Discover Card - Make a Statement

It was critical that Discover Card improve the image of its user and perception of acceptability in order to continue growth momentum in a highly charged competitive arena. The "Make A Statement" campaign successfully featured a variety of celebrities using their Discover Card. This personal look at admired figures provided a way to make the card more warm and personable as well as demonstrating that merchant acceptance is much greater than perceived. Discover Care transaction and receivables volume responded with significant increases.

Brand: Discover Card
Client: Morgan Stanley, Discover, Inc.
Agency: DDB Chicago

The Boys

Visa Check Card, supported by "The Boys" campaign, surpassed all business objectives while effectively educating consumers about the product. As a result, Visa succeeded in extending its leadership of the payment card category into the emerging debit segment.

Brand: Visa Check Card
Client: Visa, Inc.
Agency: BBDO

Route 66

The Plus "Route 66" campaign successfully achieved its objectives of expanding transaction volume while maintaining brand awareness. Importantly, the advertising created an exciting "interactive" relationship with its audience through the "Route 66" sweepstakes game.

Brand: Visa Plus ATM
Client: Visa/Plus ATM Network
Agency: Brouillard Communications

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