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Get on with Life

Visa Check Card, supported by the "Get on with Life" campaign, significantly surpassed all business objectives. Capitalizing on the Brand's "It's Everywhere You Want To Be" equity, the Check Card complements Visa's credit product portfolio and has contributed significantly to the overall growth of the Brand.

Brand: Visa Check Card
Client: Visa, Inc.
Agency: BBDO New York

What's In Your Wallet?

Despite 29MM accounts by mid-2000, Capital One had never executed a sustained advertising campaign and hence owned a fuzzy brand image that limited future growth. In a category known for hidden pricing, excessive fees and endless direct mail come-ons, Capital One identified a ripe consumer insight for advertising the deep frustrations with the credit card experience. The "What's In Your Wallet?" campaign positioned the brand as a solutions provider and yielded powerful increases in brand awareness, consideration and new card account acquisition. After only one year in the market with advertising (2000/01), Capital One total brand awareness reached 90 percent, its consideration had more than tripled and total US accounts reached over 40MM.

Brand: Capital One
Client: Capital One Services, Inc.
Agency: D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles

What are you charging toward?

Introduced in 1992, The GM Card represents one of the most successful credit card launches of all time--a pioneer in the co-branded reward card market. However, in recent years, the credit card industry has become more competitive, threatening to make The GM Card unattractive to a population of consumers who have become less brand loyal and more price sensitive. In response to this situation, GM re-launched an evolved version of the card. The new card retained many of the appealing features of the original card, while adding a portfolio of non-vehicle redemption options.

Brand: GM Card
Client: GM Card
Agency: Mullen

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