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Zeg het met Devos Lemmens

Devos Lemmens has undergone a positive evolution since the launch of "That's it!" By focusing on the brand as the taste reference, we have taken important steps in terms of both sales and brand preference. This resulted in a bronze Effie last year.

However, one weak spot remained: the end-of-year period. We already had a strong position during the other important BBQ sales period. However, the time from November to December is very important for D&L sales. Yet we had not succeeded in gaining market share for a number of years. So it's time to optimize our strategy.

Brand: Devos Lemmens
Client: Continental Foods
Agency: LDV United

The Good Here

Brand: Zagorka Special
Client: Zagorka AD
Agency: Nitram

Toothpaste for gums

Teeth are rockstars in oral care, but gum health (an overlooked part of oral hygiene) is key to achieving beautiful teeth. parodontax is a toothpaste, made for gums. It is a small brand fighting against the big names of the category. When it comes to gum care, most consumers either ignore it or believe generalist toothpastes are enough. We needed to gum care compelling. By using a single, universal insight, we shifted the tide for the brand – achieving over €125m in European sales and growing at 9x the category.

Brand: Parodontax
Client: Glaxosmithkline (gsk)
Agency: Grey London

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