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This award will go to those marketing ideas that had the ability to burn intensely for a finite period of time, putting a brand or product in a bright spotlight and creating immediate and measurable impact.



Free Beer Forever

Consumers increasingly frequently use social media to find how and where to spend their leisure time. That’s why it was necessary to develop an advertising campaign to create a stir around Beer Point in the Internet. Using the hottest news – visa-free travel for Ukrainians – we’ve advertised the Kyiv pub in Belgium. This has made Beer Point popular among the members of the European Parliament. The viral effect has created a stir in social media and made the pub well-known in Ukraine.

Brand: Beer Point
Client: Beer Point
Agency: Kinograf

Frank en Real-Time

En política, como en las redes sociales, el oportunismo es todo. Por eso, usando los perfiles sociales de Netflix, transformamos a Frank Underwood en un personaje político con relevancia local, borrando la línea entre ficción y realidad, y haciendo lo que cualquier funcionario haría en su lugar: sacar provecho de cada momento para hacer campaña. Y así lo hicimos en los 2 momentos políticos más mediáticos del año, logrando ser tendencia orgánica nacional y generando un free media de más de U$S 450K.

Brand: Netflix
Client: Netflix
Agency: Circus BA

Small sunflower category strategic communication project

This case has created a new model at the height of the main category strategy, brand strategy, and phenomena-level communication execution; in depth, social interaction, channel marketing and product brand upgrades are three-way interactions, and effective results; in terms of breadth, from the breadth In terms of means, all methods are aimed at students, advertising, public relations, interaction, and BTL precise collaboration to maximize the impact on the audience and achieve the highest return on investment.

Brand: Small sunflower child medicine
Client: Sunflower
Agency: Target-uni

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