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This award will go to those marketing ideas that had the ability to burn intensely for a finite period of time, putting a brand or product in a bright spotlight and creating immediate and measurable impact.



How Rebra&Kotlety gastro-bar "hacked" Champions League final

Before Champions League final in Kyiv money became more important than hospitality. Kievers cancelled advance bookings to lease apartments at higher prices, hotels and hostels raised their charges up to 50 times. Bars were ready to work 24 hours so that fans could drink more. But Rebra&Kotlety gastrobar followed their own path, having turned the bar into a hostel and placed an ad on Airbnb to receive fans for the final night free of charge. Beds were booked by fans for free within two days and a local bar Rebra&Kotlety became famous: - 45 free publications in Ukrainian and foreign mass-media; - 3 tv-channels made stories about hostel-bar. Which resulted in almost 33 million free contacts and positive image. Thus, a bar from Kyiv hacked Champions League final... at a price of bed linen.

Brand: Gastrobar Rebra&Kotlety
Client: Gastrobar Rebra&Kotlety
Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi Ukraine

Aperitivo Time

Usually, stars in advertising are used to attract attention and to associate a certain lifestyle with a brand. In our case, the arrival of star chef Lorenzo Kogo to Kiev was the key driver of all brand marketing activities. Lorenzo Kogo became not just the face of the brand and the reason to believe that Martini was compatible with food, but also helped create a system in which each establishment prepared its own snack recipes for Martini & Tonic cocktails. Thanks to the individual approach of different establishments to snacks, we made it clear to people that Aperitivo Time is not just the same promotional offer “everywhere and for everyone”, but a whole culture.

Client: Bacardi-Martini Ukraine
Agency: Rockets. Growth R&D

Before And After New Year

Being the biggest player on the market, Nasha Ryaba had never before spoken of itself as a national Ukrainian brand. Maintaining a new association with the brand was dictated by commercial necessity, since rational quality messages were no longer effective.

Brand: Nasha Ryaba
Client: MHP S.A.
Agency: Rockets. Growth R&D

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