Shopper Marketing: Seasonal/Event

This category features events, platforms or programs that were created to meet the demands of the shopper that are driven by a season, holiday or cultural event.   




Brand: Sidral Mundet
Client: Coca-Cola Mexico
Agency: Only if

Safety Make-up

Client: P&G
Agency: Grey Mexico

Mustang Speed Dating

The Ford Mustang is typically seen as an archetype of raw, masculine power, and is therefore not relatable to female drivers. We took the opportunity to combat this perception on Valentine's Day, a holiday rich in gender tensions and stereotypes. By placing an expert female stunt driver behind the wheel, we showed that Mustang is about unleashing your true self, no matter who you are. The video went viral with 13 million views and we increased the number Ford Today Youtube channel subscribers by 900%.

Brand: Ford Motor Company
Client: Ford Motor Company
Agency: Team Detroit

2019_sme_2019_e-418-240_hero_1 Hershey "Get Into the Spirit" with Hershey at Ahold
2019_sme_2019_e-448-480_hero_1 Jimmy Dean, Wright Brand Bacon, Sara Lee Frozen Foods Made with Love Multi-Brand Platform
2019_sme_2019_e-426-543_hero_1 Coffee-mate Holiday Vote-A-Flavor

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