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LOT Ethnic Campaign

Interest in LOT Polish airlines was on the decline, due to the declining perception of ethnic Poles about LOT as a quality airline. The challenge was to reverse this negativity and turn LOT's Polishness from a liability into a differentiating strength. Research after the campaign indicated that perceptions of LOT as a quality airline were reversed, and sales went up 21%.

Brand: LOT Polish Airlines
Client: LOT Polish Airlines
Agency: Anderson & Lembke, Inc.

Just What The Dr Ordered

The goal of the 1994 Just What the Dr Ordered marketing program is to remind loyal Dr Pepper users that Dr Pepper is a great tasting and refreshing soft drink that is, and always will be, part of their everyday life. This national campaign heightens the powerful bond between Dr. Pepper and its users throughout the country, relating its honest-to-goodness refreshment. The "Part of Me" music, with different arrangements for each commercial, is second to none in capturing these moments of American life, each targeted to sub segments of the target audience.

Brand: Dr. Pepper
Client: Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
Agency: Young & Rubicam New York

The Taste You've Been Looking For

The goal of 1994 The Taste You've Been Looking For marketing program is to communicate to diet beverage consumers, particularly diet soft drink users, that Diet Dr Pepper is a great tasting soft drink that tastes more like regular Dr Pepper. The cornerstone of the advertising program is the bold and innovative use of :15 units, rarely used by soft drink marketers. Such an aggressive yet focused use of :15 units allowed the advertising to focus on the taste claim, but also allowed Diet Dr Pepper to differentiate itself from the competitive fray.

Brand: Diet Dr. Pepper
Client: Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
Agency: Young & Rubicam New York

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