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So Big. So Fast. So Close.

The "So Big. So Fast. So Close." campaign was developed to expand Six Flags' attendance growth by positioning Six Flags as an ideal alternative to a Disney Vacation. As 80% of U.S. households live within a day's drive of a Six Flags park, this positioning opens up a whole new market segment for Six Flags - the large percentage of families who would like to but are unable to visit Disney. Six Flags is now making strong penetration gains in outer markets with historically weak attendance due to long distances from the parks. The vast majority of total Six Flags attendance gains YTD 1995 have come from the outer markets (100+ miles always from the park) with an average outer market attendance gain of +22%, the biggest increase in the history of the parks.

Brand: Six Flags Theme Parks
Client: Six Flags Theme Parks
Agency: McCann-Erickson Dallas

MOTT 1995 Summer Campaign

The Massachusetts tourism campaign is an effective, integrated and targeted campaign whose goal is to increase summer tourism. The advertising goal is to communicate all the great reasons to take a getaway vacation here and to do it in a way that separates Massachusetts from all the other destinations.

Brand: Massachusetts Tourism
Client: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
Agency: Houston Effler Herstek Favat

LOT Ethnic Campaign

Interest in LOT Polish airlines was on the decline, due to the declining perception of ethnic Poles about LOT as a quality airline. The challenge was to reverse this negativity and turn LOT's Polishness from a liability into a differentiating strength. Research after the campaign indicated that perceptions of LOT as a quality airline were reversed, and sales went up 21%.

Brand: LOT Polish Airlines
Client: LOT Polish Airlines
Agency: Anderson & Lembke, Inc.

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