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Lada Granta

LADAs are rarely 'the car of dreams' – they’re not chosen from the heart nor with love. They’re chosen rationally with cold calculation.  In the launch campaign for updated LADA Granta models, we stopped playing the ‘options battle’ and talking about ourselves. We turned the conversation 180 dergrees, focusing on our consumer. The campaign has three short films about three people keeping a promise in difficult situations. This was only possible thanks to the support of the dependable LADA Granta. We struck consumers hearts - significantly increasing the attractiveness of Granta models and improving the image of the entire LADA brand.

Brand: LADA Granta
Agency: FUEL

Dundee: A Tourism Campaign In Disguise

We staged the reboot of 1986's Crocodile Dundee in order to show off the unique nature of Australia, and revealed during the Super Bowl it was simply a tourism campaign in disguise. One that became the most successful in Tourism Australia's history. 

Brand: Tourism Australia
Client: Tourism Australia
Agency: Droga5

Taxiportation: how Citymobil brought a renewed taxi brand to the market

 How can a new taxi aggregator "ride out" to the market, which is already divided by more experienced and strong competitors? Citymobil decided that another company that simply offers comfortable and cheap trips around the city will not be able to attract users who have already made their choice. So, we came up with a new philosophy of movement – Taxiportation. The results of the campaign exceeded all expectations: the travel plan was completed 3 months earlier, every 5th user download the application "Citymobil", and the verb "To taxiport" has become a common synonym for "take a taxi".

Brand: Citymobil
Client: Citymobil
Agency: DDB Russia/Tribal

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