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52 Mayors of Danzhai

Danzhai –one of the countless unknown villages hidden in the rolling hills of southern China, noteworthy only for its dubious distinction as one of the nation’s 50 most impoverished areas. In 2014, the Wanda Group chose Danzhai as the site of a new tourist resort, We needed to find a way to show this unknown town to China and the world, bringing in visitors and much-needed tourist spending that could bring real hope to Danzhai’s residents – because tourism was this village’s only shot at lifting itself up out of poverty.

Brand: Wanda Group
Client: Wanda Group
Agency: Ogilvy Beijing

The Best Way To See The Best Of The South Pacific

Brand: P&O
Client: P&O
Agency: Bashful

The Billion Point Giveaway

Brand: Velocity Frequent Flyer
Client: Virgin Airlines
Agency: CHE Proximity

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