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Visit Idaho 18 Summers

Idaho Tourism has the smallest marketing budget among all U.S. western state tourism offices. To entice travelers to choose Idaho for a summer vacation we targeted parents and reminded them that they only get 18 summers to make vacation memories with their kids, while theyre still kids. The result: Idaho Tourism revenue collections increased to be five times the desired goal.

Brand: Idaho Tourism
Client: Idaho Tourism
Agency: Drake Cooper

Never a Stranger

Airbnb is a multi-billion dollar company built entirely on human hospitality, and the simple act of strangers opening their homes. But in 2014, Airbnb was relatively unknown and misunderstood. Staying in a strangers home just felt too strange. With only two months to target an all-new audience, we engineered a 7% uptick in brand awareness, double-digit lift in brand perceptions, and web traffic spikes 3-4x the baseline during broadcast airings. By going straight at the uncomfortable truth of strangers, we created a powerful celebration of Airbnbs purpose and offer.

Brand: Airbnb
Client: Airbnb
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles

How North America Discovered The Worlds Best Travel Secret

With the largest number of properties and over 1 million guests a day, is planet earths number one accommodation site. The problem was search marketing efforts were reaching the point of diminishing returns and brand recognition was near zero; needed to be top of mind not just top of search results. As a consequence of our communications, North American bookings surged and the nation went from thinking Booking.Who? to saying Booking.YEAH.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

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