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I've Changed

In this geotargeted marketing campaign, Tourisme Montréal won over Québec City by turning the Montreal/Quebec City rivalry into a love story. Literally. The "I've changed" campaign led to positive press coverage, an increase in hotel bookings and passionate reactions.

Brand: Tourisme Montréal
Client: Tourisme Montréal
Agency: LG2

The Arrivals

The Arrivals was a total theatre of campaign orchestration. Marketing-, media-, comms. and PR strategy worked in total unison in order for the target group to experience one whole brand story. It set out to reinforce SAS’ position as a premium airline and exceeded the primary business objective: willingness-to-pay. The KPI underpinning any success in a market as saturated and competitive as commercial aviation. Results were 12% above goal in price premium, 7% above goal in positive image effects and 17% above goal in campaign liking.

Brand: SAS
Client: SAS
Agency: &Co. / NoA

Sales King

All leading motor oil brands try to influence retailers to buy more of their products by motivation programs and bonuses. How could G-Energy brand stand out from dominating competitors? We organized a unique nomination «Tsar of sales» - Oscar analogue for best salesmen. More than 5000 participants across the country took part in the competition. We gathered 600 winners in 5 star hotel in Sochi, where at gala evening best of the best were granted prizes and recognition among colleagues.

Brand: Gazprom NeftLubricants
Client: GazpromneftLubricants LTD
Agency: EMG

2019_co_2019_e-29-353_hero_1 LA MÁQUINA DEL TIEMPO Máquina Del Tiempo
2019_us_2019_e-3873-815_hero_1 MGM National Harbor Every Day is Monumental
2019_co_2019_e-133-951_hero_1 ProColombia La Primera Campaña De Turismo Que Llega A Los Grammy.

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