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Oklahoma Native America

Oklahoma was badly outspent by the competition and had a neutral to negative image as a vacation destination among in-state and out-of-state travelers. The campaign was designed to; reposition Oklahoma while at the same time increasing request for literature as well as actual visits to the state.

Brand: Oklahoma Tourism
Client: Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Dept.
Agency: Ackerman McQueen

It's Different Out Here

By 1993 Norwegian Cruise Line, Which had once been the leader in the Caribbean cruise market, now found itself fourth in the category in terms of the number of berths sold. The "It's Different Out Here" campaign set out to reposition the line, by creating an image that tapped into consumers' romantic fantasies about cruising. As a result, NCL's image had been dramatically enhanced and awareness of the line has increased significantly. Most importantly, for the first time in over three years, NCL has successfully filled all of its berths, with its overall load factor increasing by 6 percentage points in 1995 over 1994.

Brand: Norwegian Cruise Line
Client: Norwegian Cruise Line
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Where the skiers ski

Our goals for the campaign were threefold. First and most importantly, to increase skier visits/bookings by 10% in 1995/96 versus 1994-95 results. Second, to build awareness and improve overall quality perceptions of Copper. And lastly, to elevate the Copper brand name by going head-to-head with 1st tier competitors.

Brand: Copper Mountain Resort
Client: Copper Mountain Resort
Agency: Citron Haligman Bedecarre

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